It means someone who is independent or “nonconformist”, MaxI love this short cute name that means “greatest”, Milesthis short and sweet name can mean merciful or soldier, ♡ Prepping for labor? While they’re in the “hippie name” category, they stand out a bit more when there’s direct focus put on the earthy connection to the names. It reminds me of the Indian word jaggery for sugar cane, meaning bringer of treasures or keeper of treasures- reminds me of the gemstone of the same name, this simple yet beautiful boy name has Hawaiian origins and means the sea. Daisy – Of Old English origin and it means ‘day’s eye.’ It is also a great flower hippie name. Today earthy names are gaining polularity among modern parents, as environmental consciousness a growing trend. Neroli is Italian for “orange blossom” and would make a beautiful boho name for a sweet little girl. Earthy names term is used to define the baby names that are found in the world around us. Oakley means “field of oak trees” and would be a great name to symbolize strength. Boy’s First and Middle Names That Sound Perfect Together, Easy DIY Holiday & Christmas Cards to Make With Kids, Valentine’s Day Short Stories & Books For Kids. You will also see forest-inspired picks like Juniper, River, and Sage. A feminine, hippie name derived from the name of the flower. Indigo has a few different origins and meanings. A unique hippie name inspired by the baby deer. My daughter is having a baby and she likes boho names, I am sending her this post. Plus, you have to get your partner on board too. Dharma – Meaning ‘truth’ and of Sanskrit origin. We know how important choosing a name for your child is, and we love looking at best/worst names’ lists. Vintage and charming, Clementine would make such an adorable name for a petite little hippie. A great option if you love the ocean and your soul is set at sea. It reminds me of the Indian word jaggery for sugar cane Jaspermeaning bringer of treasures or keeper of treasures- reminds me of the gemstone of the same name, Jessis such a cute name and means a riches or gift, this simple yet beautiful boy name has Hawaiian origins and means the sea. Meaning “flower” in French, Fleur is a prime pick for your little flower child. Referring to a flowing body of water in nature, River makes an alluring, tranquil name. Earthy, Hippie Baby Names. The name Aurora means ‘dawn‘. Your email address will not be published. Isla – is a cute hippie girl name of Spanish and Scottish origin meaning meaning ‘island’, Ivy – this English plant baby name means ‘faithfulness’, Iya – is a cute Greek girl name meaning ‘violet’ as in the flower, Jade – I picked this one because it’s a beautiful green natural stone that occurs in nature and the name means ‘stone of the colic’ because it was believed placing a jade on a baby’s belly would cure colic. Aura. Some of the top performers of the time can transport you to the era like Janis , Joni , and Cher . Kaia and Asher are probably my top favorites. Rain is an amazingly popular hippie name for a baby boy. What really caught my attention was beautiful earthy hippie baby names for boys and girls. Check out more strong Hawaiian baby names Keanuis another beautiful and popular Hawaiian baby name that means breeze, Kellerwas a common surname and means winemaker or cellar, Kitwith all the Game of Thrones mania over the past few years, I couldn’t leave this one out. A Latin girl’s name meaning “from the forest.” You could call her “Sylvie” for short. Such an adorable nature name! It has very boho vibes since it sounds like rain, this unique and cute boy name has Irish origins and means “little seal”, this ultra cute boy name reminds me of a dino but actually means king, this ultra cute boy name has Greek origins and means forest or woods, although traditionally a surname, this cute boho name is becoming a popular first name and means one who herds sheep, here’s another throwback to Friends (remember Rachel’s boyfriend/assistant) this short cute name means handsome, this cute and unusual boy name means “cheerful”, this ultra cute boy name comes from Norse legends of the god of thunder, this cute name is perfect for the artsy hipster vibe and means divided in two, this cute and unusual boy name means “my flame” or “my light”, this Latin name means one who is healthy and strong but reminds me of love and valentine, this cute boho sounding name means “small”, this adorable boy name means “winning” or “conquering”, this ultra cute and Earthy boy name means west facing wood, clearing or meadow- you can use the sweet nickname, this cute boho sounding name means “one who desires peace”- very hippie indeed- and you can use the cute nickname, this adorable boy name means ‘little chief’, this cute boy name means to defend but is usually spelled with an X, this very hipster name means god is gracious (had to include it because of the beautiful voice that is Zane Malik), this cute boho sounding name (usually the nickname of Zachary) means god has remembered but has such a cool vibe, this uncommon boy name with its unique spelling means “west wind”, Hippie Earthy Boho Baby Names For Your Flower Child.