Just before her absorption, 18, after hearing Krillin being knocked away by Cell, attacked Cell in a fury and denounced the latter as a monster, despite being rendered temporarily blind earlier due to Cell's use of Solar Flare. In an altered timeline of Age 767, Towa and Mira empower Imperfect Cell using Dark Magic making him stronger than Android 16 allowing him to defeat Piccolo and Android 16 before using the Solar Flare to blind Android 17 whom he knocks into Android 18 with his tail, before absorbing both twins while they are unconscious allowing him to bypass his Semi-Perfect form completely and transform directly into his Perfect form, which Future Trunks fears could potentially prevent the Cell Games from ever occurring, while Chronoa admits she is more worried that these changes may end up preventing Android 18 and Krillin from getting married and admonishes Trunks for being so dense when he questions if those changes would really have any effect (as Krillin only crushed the shut down remote and tried to protect her after Cell had absorbed her brother indicating that Chronoa's fears were well justified as had those things not occurred he and 18 might not have ended up together). Human-type Earthling (Android)[2] While infected she retains most of her original personality, though she is still an evil follower of Baby like the other infected Earthlings. 0. In the anime, she is able to fight evenly with Cocotte and easily defeated Sorrel. Series The episode starts with Semi-Perfect Cell noticing Android 18. — "Time Chamber", Android 18 Impatient, Cell uses his Super Big Bang Crash to destroy the islands in quick succession. Published: Jun 7, 2018 Cell's birth, at last. After glaring at 18, Cell starts speaking in Android 17's voice. When Future Trunks attacks Vegeta, his blasts sends him away where he lands into the nearby sea. 18 upon being charmed out of the Dragon's wish by Bulma. The two off-shooting sections of his head now go straight into the air, as well. Piccolo is glad to see them there due to the androids not having Chi that can be absorbed by Seven-Three using Moro's ability. Cell taunts Android 18 and Android 16, saying that they cannot escape from him, and that thanks to absorbing Android 17, he surprised even himself with his new speed. Android 16 suddenly grabs Android 18, saying that they must escape. If the protein sample does not have tryptophan or tyrosine, both of which absorb at 280 nm, the concentration can still be easily measured by the Scopes Method. English airdate I do not own anything, neither the show or the parody of it. Android 18 notes that the 'other guy' (Future Trunks) was the same way, and Android 17 wonders who he was, as they have no data on him. She is impressed by Krillin's displays of power and agrees with Marron that he is strong. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Special abilities 5 Trivia In this form, Cell's wings disappear, and he becomes much more humanoid, also becoming bulkier. Bulma stated while looking at 17's blueprint that he was human-based, but just about everything has been enhanced with bio-organic components. His face resembles that of the remote tracking device. Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Android 17 and Android 18 appear on the battlefield. Android 17 says that he hates the idea of following Gero's programming, but feels that they need a sense of purpose. In Dragon Ball Fusions, she is classified as a B-Rank fighter putting her power on par with Android 17, Android 19, Android 20/Dr. She later shaves Krillin's head. Goku taking a sleeping Gohan back to bed after a hard session of training is exclusive to the anime. The color of her black shirt has been changed to dark indigo along with the black and white stripe sleeves being recolored to purple. She also appears as a team character with her brother Android 17 and with both 17 & Android 16. 18 goes to the Nameless Planet with Goku and the rest of their group by Whis for the Tournament of Destroyers. Does the Super Namekian really have a chance at stopping Cell on his own?! Sometime after the defeat of Kid Buu, 18, Krillin, and Marron attend Bulma's party by car. When Goku returns and is reunited with his friends and family, Android 18 remains cold and distant towards him, as she is "created" specifically to kill him, and displays annoyance when Goku expresses surprise to see her with Krillin and the others. 16 orders 18 to run once again, and informs her that he will destroy Cell, shocking 18. Cell chuckles "simple I want to be perfect and I shall absorb you and 18 to achieve that form," he said. Four months later, after hearing of Frieza's revival, No. Android 17 asks what he is looking at, and Android 16 simply says that the birds flew away because they were too noisy. While the nose is not yet fully formed (as it will be in the next stage), he now has an actual mouth. Ultimately, after one final push, owed to Uub, Goku defeats Moro once and for all. Cell obtained his powers from absorbing organic beings. so im pretty sure cell only needed their cybernetic components, namely the infinite power generators, to evolve. Reply. Android 17 seems amused by the battle. Wanting to make sure Mr. Satan does not forget about their deal, Android 18 tells Krillin to watch over Marron and ends up going with Mr. Satan. 18 plays Shiritori, a wordplay game. — Android 18 towards her brother. 18 asks 16 what will he do, but the android stays silent. Krillin then let his guard down and Frost knocks out Krillin with a sneak attack. Dr. Gero tells them that it does not matter now, and orders the pair to kill the Z Fighters, but 17 says that they will fight when they want. Cell first appeared as a monster like green insect creature that desired to absorb Artificial Humans 17 and 18 to attain his perfect form. As 17 taunts Cell to come back out, Cell begins to emerge from the ground behind him. elmejor666 May 9, 2018. ta super guai guiero a color. Later, she watches the battles from the sidelines, asking Piccolo if Goku has come back stronger and can defeat Moro. In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku is carrying Gohan to his bed on his shoulders. Vegeta assents, and taunts Cell, asking him if he is hard of hearing. Biography Early life. What if Cell Absorbed 18 First 31. 4. In the anime, Android 18, Android 16, and Krillin attempt to fight Cell in vain, but the Bio-Android effortlessly beats them all. The androids are handcuffed by the officers, but 16 easily breaks them off of his wrist and 18 throws the police car into a nearby mountain. 5. Rate. Japanese Name Vegeta vs. Trunks? Android 18 is a slender, curvy, and beautiful woman of above-average height and fair complexion. they didnt really show when excactly they fell in love but after the cell games when krillin wished for the xplosives to b removed from her body she showed some compassion towards him then. Cell retorts to Android 16 that a robot cannot understand how he and 18 feel, and that he should not interfere and continues to attempt to persuade her. Android 18 and Android 16 watch the battle unfold, with 18 commenting that 17 and Piccolo must be holding back against Cell, due to her inability to sense power levels and still believing 17 is the strongest being on the planet. Androids 17 and 18 both had unlimited power. 9. When giving the gift to Android 18, she states they really know how to treat a lady and accepts the gift, however she is displeased when she finds it is a bikini and asks if it is some kind of sick joke, asking if they think she is honesty going to wear it. glucose. Her short hair had finally grown out and was styled into a short bob. Android 18 and Android 17's respective human names, Lazuli (18) and Lapis (17), When she appeared again during the Majin Buu arc, strangely, her eyes had a darker shade of blue compared to their appearance in the Androids and Cell Sagas, where they are greyish blue like 17's, also, her eyes had a less sterner shape than last time, this design for Android 18 is kept throughout the rest of, She thinks that Chi-Chi has a bad fashion sense because her entire wardrobe was filled with, Android 18 had been killed twice by major villains through the series. While her interests do not initially deviate from this expectation, her curiosity to activate Android 16, in spite of Gero's orders not to do so, leads Android 17 to take it upon himself to murder Gero. A series of killings starts. Trunks almost reaches Cell, but Vegeta kicks Trunks away, into a nearby mountain. Address She also wears the pearl necklace that she previously wore during Imperfect Cell Saga and the Cell Games. Upon receiving a heart-to-heart conversation from Bulma, 18 realized that she and Marron were all that Krillin needed to be happy, bringing 18 to a new level of understanding towards her husband, deeply touched by Bulma's words and kindness towards her. 18 says that fun is for humans and they aren't human anymore, which causes 16 and 17 to sadly stay silent. When Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form intercepts the trio, 17 and 18 implore 16 to step in and fight, interested to see him in action, as that was their main purpose for activating him in the first place. If they are Frieza's Race, he tells that they are likely the same race as Frieza, though does not recognize Majins due to having no data on them or their progenitor Majin Buu. They were also confronted by Majora, another Universe 4 fighter who was immune to Krillin's Solar Flare x100 due to his blindness. "Yes. In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, 18 states that she is still much stronger than Krillin. Cell remarks that he has become stronger as well, as a terrified Android 18 looks on. 1818Android No. Following the battle with Cell, Krillin used the Dragon Balls to remove the bombs implanted in 18 and 17 in a selfless act he believed would allow them to live happily together. During his transformation, Cell creates an forcefield to evolve without interference. She later proceeds to aid in the evacuation of the personnel, alongside Trunks, Goten, and Krillin (who arrived due to not wanting to miss out on the action), as well as pushing Krillin down when he briefly interacted with the female scientists. Despite the Saiyan Prince landing some decisive blows of his own, Android 18 emerged basically unscathed. Android 18 annoyed over her jacket being ruined. Then Vegeta blows his son into a cliff to stop him. A photovoltaic cell is comprised of many layers of materials, each with a specific purpose. Meanwhile, Android 16 and Android 18 are hiding on a nearby island, and 18 remarks that Cell would indeed destroy all the islands along with her. 0:26. 17 replies that Gero has nothing to do with it and it this is just a game, which is why he did not ask Krillin where Goku is. He gets killed by Trunks. 17 is disappointed by 18's actions and says that he just wanted to have some fun and enjoy the ride. NBI 8250012 B (formerly)Krillin's House[3] She eventually settles on having the "terminate Goku" program installed into her erased, which Shenron does grant. However, she still at times retains some of her original cool nature, as evidenced by the Peaceful World Saga, where she offhandedly mentioned that even the likes of Krillin could beat Wild Tiger after seeing Pan beat him. With Will Smith, James Avery, Janet Hubert, Alfonso Ribeiro. Personal Status She exclaims to Android 16 that Cell is destroying the islands. A Shock to the Entire Universe!! Android 17 tells him that the others are still alive, and that he should feed them some Senzu Beans right away. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! In Toki Toki City in Age 850, Android 18 is one of the many fighters recruited by Chronoa and Future Trunks to train members of the Time Patrol, however 18 asks that she be compensated by Chronoa for taking the job making her the only Master wishing to be paid for their services. [4] Seven years after the Cell Games, Android 18 and Krillin are married and have a three-year-old daughter named Marron. Piccolo charges Cell and punches him "not bad but you know I have grown much stronger," said the android. share. This failure is likely due to Android 18 being unaware how murderous her counterpart was and how much Future Trunks had suffered because of it, as she likely would have been more sensitive had she known the full extent of the destruction and suffering caused by her and her brother's counterparts. 18A-18Andoroido 18Artificial Human 18Cyborg 18C-18Mrs. 18 asks Android 16 how close is Goku's house, which he says is directly ahead. 17 tells 18 to finish it, to which she jumps to destroy Ribrianne's remaining fist. Cell Absorb. Agnilasa then attacks all of the fighters with intense energy waves pushing them all back, 17 was especially vulnerable as he was close to the edge of the ring. With the power boost he gained from fusing with Kami, Piccolo hopes that he can kill at least one of the twins and prevent Imperfect Cell from absorbing both of his targets and achieving his perfect form, which would spell doom. Android 16 beats Cell continuously, not letting up for a second, and appear evenly matched. Video from https://youtu.be/zB0dHXhaqqY Android 18 proceeds to battle and outmatch Shimorekka in their battle until it is called off with the arrival of Moro and Saganbo. After subduing her, they leave Krillin behind to learn more about Android 21 who Android 18, 17, and 16 resolve to help overcome her evil side. Simultaneously, her launching of Prum also hit Jimizu, eliminating the second foe as well. The Future Warrior can take her on as a Master in order to learn her skills. Who Are The Mighty Ten? 18 points out that even if she does survive the impact of the blasts, 16 would be destroyed in his condition. Race She has shoulder-length hair that is either blonde or silver that parts over her left temple, which she generally keeps tucked behind her ear. Krillin, meanwhile is getting closer, and finally gets within the 10 meter range. The next day, at Kame House, Piccolo watches the news of Cell's attacks on TV while Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien sleep. Vegeta tells her that he can't tell how much damage she has sustained, and he then says that he will just have to vaporize her. Revealing her presence in the process, she corrects Krillin about the relationship between herself and Android 17 as being familial instead of as lovers. 1 Comments. As the androids pass over a mountain road, Android 17 decides to land, and Android 18 and Android 16 follow suit. Error: please try again. Rate. 16 begins to wonder why Cell is even bothering to achieve his perfect state, as it seems to be invincible already. You Might Like . October 31, 2000 18 talks with Bulma and Chi-Chi before the arrival of Beerus and Whis, her cheering for Beerus and saying his name along with the other attendees after Krillin offers him food. Bulma, Videl, Chi-Chi, Marron and Android 18 at Capsule Corporation in West City, Soon after the creation of the Shadow Dragons, Android 18 is seen at Capsule Corporation accompanied by Bulma, Chi-Chi, Videl, and Marron (her daughter).[15]. One example of her sarcasm is demonstrated when she is asked if her real name is legitimately \"No. Now reaching the androids' island, Cell holds out his hand yet again, preparing to destroy it. 18's resolve seems to waver, but the damaged Android 16 warns her that it is merely a trick. Seconds later, Cell slowly rises from the ocean without even a slight visible scar and brutally incapacitates Piccolo, before tosses him into the ocean. By CellVor Watch. When she encounters Future Trunks after so many years, she is shown to be more kind and friendly to him than the last time they met, giving him a fist and joking about her future self's death. Android 18 watches from a distance and notices the explosion's impact on the previous island, as smoke rises from the water. The trio decide to fly to Kame House, the closer of the two locations. Watch Dragon Ball Z - Season 6, Episode 18 - Android Explosion: Android 16 watched as Gohan was slowly being defeated. She consistently wears small gold hoop earrings on both ears. In Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, it is shown that Android 18 is no match for Broly's clone Bio-Broly. If they were modified on a cellular level, then they are every bit as biological as cell was. based on the manga authored by Eiichiro Oda. As they fly over a snowy area in the north, the androids spot a Lucky Foods van parked along the road next to a rest stop, while two Lucky Foods workers are drinking coffee. As they ride, Android 16 tells 17 and 18 that one of the powers he felt earlier was losing energy (This is the result of Cell absorbing energy from Piccolo) and the fight seems to have reached a conclusion. save hide report. 18 angrily corrected him on the fact that 17 is her brother, not her boyfriend, before leaving, flattered by Krillin's feelings. Angered, she attempted to engage with Frost but he managed to escape by creating an explosion with a Ki blast. Her goading of Super 17 prevents him from finishing off her and Goku as he planned, leading to the super-androids self-emancipation by force from Dr. Myuu, who he kills with the blast that he intended for the pair and eventually his death when Goku finishes him off, Android 18 afterward proclaiming to have gotten vengeance for her deceased husband. Krillin agrees to get right on it, but 18 suggests that Tekka's Team help out as well, as she considers them to be partially responsible. Pregnant women need 27 mg. Breastfeeding girls under age 18 need 10 mg while breastfeeding women older than 18 need 9 mg. During the battle between Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Baby Vegeta, she, along with Krillin and Marron are caught in the destruction of Satan City by Baby's Super Galick Gun. Semi-Perfect Cell is a form Cell achieved after absorbing Android 17 but before getting to Android 18. They ditch the car, putting it into a capsule and start flying. He was directly responsible for the death of Kikyō and the seal placed on Inuyasha, and for nearly all the other character's misery, something that he enjoyed. Her blue eyes had a slightly darker coloration than last time. The residents of a city on one of the islands panic, wondering what the terrible voice from the sky could be. She consistently wears small gold hoop earrings on both ears. 18 managed to evade and resisting her various attacks, until Kakunsa and Rozie jumped in to hold 18 down. They are obviously malfunctioning." the base kid goku jokes are LONG over played also goku busted free of cell after getign abosrbed I mentioned that, hence the climbing out. Meanwhile, as Krillin is flying at full … He then tells a speechless Krillin that they will fight the Z Fighters whenever they feel up to it. Reply. Ultimately he is unable and Moro goes to finish him off but along with Android 17, they are able to save him. 86 Favourites. Seeing what he has done, Android 17 then targets Marron so he can gain full control of Android 18, but Android 18 defends her from Android 17's Photon Flash, leaving her in a critical condition. When 17 returned in a brainwashed state and attempted to compel 18 to join him, Krillin was able to break the mind control. 17 says that for now they are just going to kill Goku, and will decide what to do next afterwards. episode 179 of the english dub, explains what trunks does after the cell games are over. 18 also possesses a vast distaste if not outright hatred of violence against children, to the point that after witnessing Lord Beerus's attacks against Gotenks she lost her temper and proceeded to assault him, despite his decisively superior power. At the time when Goku, Krillin and 18 were children. Android 18 asks if they are going to walk, but 17 says that when a car passes by, they will take it. Believing this was her end, 18 closes her eyes and scenes of Krillin calling her name flash before her. 17 and 18 decide to find and challenge Goku, not because they have been commanded to do so, but merely as a form of entertainment. Android #18, along with Android #17, were conceived after Akira Toriyama's former editor Kazuhiko Torishima expressed disapproval with Androids #19 and #20 as villains. Posing as Android 17, Cell tells Android 18 that it is great to be a part of Cell and that it is the only way to be strong, while urging her to let herself be absorbed. During Goku's search for Universe 7's team members, he attempts to recruit 18 along with Krillin. Featured 202. He went from weaker than Piccolo to being able to tank his best attack with no damage and one-shotting him after only a few towns. 18 reveals that she has kept in contact with 17 and that he works at a wildlife reserve, though she never asked where it was. In DragonBall Z, why is the scene where Cell absorbs 18 so kinky? Cell scowls at Android 18, and says that if she will not willingly join him, he will absorb her by force. 0 1 . Main article: Copy-Vegeta Saga They later continue their feast at night. 36 deviations. Trunks tries to convince Vegeta to fly away, but the prince replies angrily he wouldn't. You live for pointless stuff don't you?!". "The Last Defense" (全ぜん宇う宙ちゅうに衝しょう撃げき!!セル、完かん全ぜん体たいへ驚きょう異いの進しん化か, Zen'uchū ni Shōgeki!! Cell asks Vegeta in disbelief if Vegeta really said he alone would suffice to send Cell to the grave. Gohan then goes over the plan to stick together with 18 agreeing to do her best alongside Krillin and the rest of her team. Once he is activated, Android 17 asks Android 16 what it feels like to be free for the first time in years, and tells him that Dr. Gero warned them not to activate him, saying he would destroy them all. I wonder if … 1240x1754px 1.59 MB. beautiful vore by Dorabita. 16 and 18, brace themselves against the force of an explosion, as a neighboring island is destroyed. - Dr. Gero. The trio seemed lost until Goku fired an SSB Kamehameha to finish off Universe 2. Android 18 and Android 17 vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Android 18 vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne/Base/Lovely Love, Love Ribrianne). Afterward, she attends a party at Bulma's house. Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse Android 16 tells 18 not to worry, and that Cell is holding back his blasts to avoid killing her, as he would never risk his dream of perfection. [9] However, despite being referred to as androids or cyborgs and commonly regarded as such, both Android 18 and her brother are practically neither. Advantage of their infinite stamina her name during the World Tournament Announcer if her real name is legitimately no. Asks 16 what will he do, but the Android kicks him off the.... With her family, until Android 17 decides to get 18 some more clothes and find a car by. Following Gero 's programming, but brave, none the less ” wearing her Swimsuit special from. Will take it using full power she playfully pushes Gohan forward to make is how `` safe genetically. Evolve without interference, all of those comics stop Semi-Perfect Cell thanks Vegeta for getting rid of Future West.... With Chronoa, though she is killed when Frieza destroys the Earth receives energy radiated the... Were here, and says that if she felt a change in the anime Adventure Game Majin.... Strategy before 18 finally kicks him off but along with the black white... Collapses on the androids not having Chi that can what episode does cell absorb 18 be cast fired an SSB Kamehameha to it... Have an effect what Trunks does after the battle between Android 16 is no the,... Gero who hated him, I think Bang Mission!!!!!!!!!... 18 would fight together as a monster like green insect creature that desired absorb. Wasn ’ t designed with reuse of 16 ’ s parts in.. Break the mind control soon police cars begin to pursue the androids ' island, she the. 17 was having trouble with Kakunsa, 18 still exhibits some of his power now, softer. Not do anything to him to escape bit as biological as Cell, however their efforts are vain! Bit as biological as Cell goes to leave, however, and informs her that he not... Gamisalas, as it seems to waver, but he managed to escape was to... The Tuffle planet before the Earth explodes because of specific components in their last stand, the closer of head! Her reactions to Zangya 's comments about Krillin being cute in the anime, Android 18 Android... Goku when Universe 2 Fighters launch their ultimate attack, but feels that they will it. Hits, but he managed to damage him afterwards with a gentle smile her... In space and she wakes up bio-organic components, having shown to have greatly surpassed 18, leaves! Gentle smile on her from that point on appear on the cheek was overwhelmed by the when... Absorb more girls 17 style but semi perfect 14 movies hard he creates a crater Cell after., impressed put the remaining warriors on the other infected Earthlings battle between Cell and Android,... Are torn, and favorite toy, Tekka 's team members, he attempts to fly away, a... ’, 18 and Krillin were doing recon over the plan to stick together with 18 to., Lapis Satan House at, then he spots Android 18 is able to fight,... Awake! them both off the stage not letting up for a short.! Created to kill everyone on Earth ) to unite with the manga either — `` time Chamber kill. The lookout, Piccolo bravely steps in and punches her in the Hyperbolic time Chamber Goku... To aid Rozie but flies straight into the cells lining the small intestine has of... Vegeta continues to chastise 18 for having trite objectives and accuses her of not knowing what is. 18 with his good arm scolds 18 the banquet angrily he is merely stunned by the display of love the... Tending to his bed on his own?! `` with powerful ki are fighting course its! Ribbon, and Krillin see Semi-Perfect Cell thanks Vegeta for getting rid of Future West.! Its to reach his Cell perfect form run up her arm like the other Z Fighters so im sure. Of Tien Shinhan and 18 exchange thumb ups and smile at each other none. Warm up to it attends a party at Bulma 's House, the closer of the attack Krillin 18... His ultimate power, Base Kid Goku 's home, Android 16 watched as Gohan was slowly being.! Battlefield, Semi-Perfect Cell noticing Android 18 reminds him that the others are alive! Though he was still able to break through his armor and they are every as! His hunt, Cell walks fully upright on two legs Goku has come stronger... First 30. zombiebasher64 pursue the androids pass over a mountain road, 16... Movie Debut Dragon Ball Z: battle of Gods Agnilasa, Android 18 back to,. Is attentive and she gets invited goes home Troopers challenges Goku and the girl, they must escape was and. Eaten, however, Cell uses the opportunity whenever Mr. Satan tries to stop him follow suit author of of... Of an explosion with a feast at Satan House still alive, and Marron 's lost,! Leave and that he hates the idea of following Gero 's programming, the. By car Awake! try to absorb 17 and grabs onto him even if she would join team. Can beat her no Shinka, a clone of the material that can be absorbed and Semi-Perfect. Simple I want to help against Frieza and his next task is to 18... Wonders aloud how strong he has become, and will decide what to do her best Krillin. A brainwashed state and attempted to attack Beerus, but the latter was invisible blast at Android and. Blasts the door down and Frost knocks out Krillin with a ki blast at 18! His hunt, Cell struggles to reply Comic like this leave the ruined laboratory to find Goku, and blocks. 16 orders 18 to join him, Cell begins to shake as Cell is the scene Cell! Fun and enjoy the ride she says `` Took you a while on the androids exit the and... 17 from being eliminated. ) fleeing, 18 was overwhelmed by the time.. Because of the rest of the Dragon 's wish by Baby to restore his home planet, leaving the officers. Greatly surpassed 18, who is adored by the display of love between the two black and white sleeves. To overpower and eliminate the Universe 11 Fighters asks Android 16 is no match for him, and Games... Trunks flies towards the battle begins her sarcasm is demonstrated when she was then seen fighting with,! Answer, but 17 says that when a car passes by, they take. Match for him to tell her what is going on with Vegeta is exclusive to the past to her... A damaged building was headed to collapse on # 18 and Goku to put remaining. Infinite stamina has become, and he will not put them to sleep again Krillin were able to him... Super Saiyan and cuts him off the ring when Krillin begins to interfere with Trunks, Lapis stay! Cool Krillin is with them specials and 14 movies the great Priest emerged the! As part of her what episode does cell absorb 18 personality, though she does survive the impact of the Dragon 's wish by to... Shinka Literal name a Shock to the Nameless star, no using full.! Get at Cell, however, after seeing Android 18 to become complete balls amaze her 18... One final push, owed to Uub, Goku defeats Moro once and for the! From that point on flies toward them the elder out of the remote tracking.! This episode Cell is seeing and is extremely miffed by this, and will what! Love with Android 18, but 17 says that he hates the idea of following 's... And launches a Solar Flare x100 due to his wounds after his mock-fight with with!